LRSY Ensemble
Collection IV
Designed in collaboration with Super Yaya

2022, 8 styles
Made in Italy

ENSEMBLE is a collaborative collection designed by Leorosa and Super Yaya. Based between Côte d’Ivoire and Lebanon, designer Rym Beydoun worked with Leorosa designers Paolina Leccese and Julian Taffel, to hand-pick West African textiles in Abidjan before arriving to the atelier in Beirut to be made into vibrant bows and ruffles. Restructuring the technical design of Leorosa’s knitwear, the classic styles went through months of prototyping until the bazin accessories were then sent to Italy to be attached to the classic Leorosa knits. Merging the heritage and sheer sophistication of Super Yaya with the whimsical nature and colors of Leorosa - the collaboration is a labor of love between four cities and two brands that can be defined as “Ensemble”, true togetherness.