Founded in 2019 by Julian Taffel and Paolina Leccese, Leorosa is a knitwear label operating under the compound of their middle names ‚Leo‘ and ‚Rosa‘.

Influenced by their Japanese-American and German-Italian heritage, respectively, the brand merges their obsession for tradition and contemporary culture. Bright colors combined with the aesthetics of uniform dressing and jaunty individualism, Leorosa embodies the tongue and cheek version of „Your Grandmother‘s Sweater.“

Formed as a label whose values are embodied through a community of friends and artists, Taffel and Leccese are curious about the history of clothing in relation to culture. With cardigans at the focus, it concentrates on wearable silhouettes, and traditional design methodologies to create a heritage brand for a new generation.

Leorosa is based between New York and Cologne.