Leorosa x Andreas Schulze T-shirts

Leorosa Editions No.002
"Fantasia" by A. Schulze
T-shirt and printed zine

2023, 3 Styles / Edition of 50
100% Cotton
Euro 185,-

For the new collection entitled “Fantasia”, the internationally acclaimed German artist Andreas Schulze was the inspiration. In collaboration with the artist, Leorosa developed a special edition of three t-shirts as editions of 50. The artwork for each t-shirt was selected by Schulze from his body of work. "Mantua" is the city from where the horse painting was inspired by, "1955", the birth year of Andreas Schulze with his self portrait as a child, and "Tuju", translated to "to you" in English with his painting "für Leorosa" on the back. Each t-shirt is packaged in a custom envelope with a printed zine from the new collection, which features the painting “für Leorosa” as the cover, and inside the campaign images of Schulze, in addition to an interview and texts about the artist.