Paris Store

Pop-Up Store
Galerie Pierre Marie
21 Rue Victor Massé
75009 Paris

21 - 22 January, 2023

Galerie Pierre Marie invited Leorosa to create a temporary shop inside their current exhibition "Horn of Plenty", inspired by the ornamental motif of the cornucopia. Surrounded by stained glass panels and jacquard textiles, the colorful Leorosa knitwear was placed on a shop rack as well as individually suspended in metal frames, installed to converge with the space.
In keeping the interior of the gallery untouched, the emphasis was placed on the vitrine. Inspired by the neighborhood, the design referred to the history of Pigalle and its red light district. The two mannequins, which was once owned by a 1950s department store in Berlin, were placed at the center of the display wearing cardigans from the Leorosa x Super Yaya Collection. Above them hangs a painting by German artist Andreas Schulze titled, "Für Leorosa", and surrounding them, oddities that one might find gathered in a small apartment. Objects were also dispersed throughout the gallery as if you walked into a strange apartment: an invitation written on stationary from the Hotel Waldhaus Sils Maria blown up as a poster and duck taped to the entrance wall, a jacquard lightbox preciously displaying a cardigan, and old auction catalogues from Greta Garbo's estate.