MIRABELLE MARDEN is wearing the Romy cardigan no.006. She is an artist living in New York and Paris.

What is a rule that should always be broken?
“You can’t do that as a single woman”

What is a rule that should never be broken?
Be yourself (you’re the only you lol).

What do you want to trade?

What is still a mystery?

What takes you to cloud 9?
Dancing. Or laying down in the sun on a hot rock after a swim. A kiss on the shoulder.

What should we be reading?
More poetry.

What do you collect?
Mostly images but also plastic bowls, straw baskets, Afghan wedding rings, children’s drawings...

The best arthouse film(s)?
Oof. During lockdown I rewatched a lot. Was alone in an apt in Paris. Rear Window. Not arthouse though. But my favorite, as a photographer/ clothes horse / voyeur who grew up in the West Village.

What stands the test of time?
A walk in nature to feel better.

Do you have a soundtrack to your life?
Willie Nelson’s voice always & Otis Redding Live at Monterey.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Singing good morning to my dogs.

What is the last thing you do at night?
Prepare to dream.

Where would you find your doppelgänger?
A passing reflection in a train window.

What is good design?
Beauty in function, simplicity / eccentricity.

Where do you find good design?

What does your house smell like?
Flowers and dust.

What does your house sound like?
Birds chirping.

What is dear to your heart?
The relationship I have with my niece & nephew.

What is your favorite word in any language?
A word I don’t know - describing light on water.

What is most difficult to find in contemporary culture?
A sense of calm maybe.

What do you find most exciting in contemporary culture?
Open interaction.

What is your favourite representation of simplicity?
A shared picnic with a few good friends.

What is your favourite representation of complexity?
An exchange of thoughts.

What do you find humorous?
Everything & I laugh very loud.

What is your favorite slogan?
(saying not slogan) one day onions, one day honey.

What is modern?
Isn’t it all?

Can you recall a dream?
I can, but I’d rather not!

What do you want to find?
A better studio practice.

Any last words?
Feel it, don’t fight it.