MARIUCCIA CASADIO is wearing the Rosa no.001. She is a free spirited curator and Vogue Italia art consultant living in Milan, Italy.

What is your favorite meal?
Consommé and white wine.

What is most difficult to find in contemporary culture?
Knowledge, retroactive memory, profoundness.

What do you find most exciting in contemporary culture?
Amateurism and improvisation. They often may have interesting consequences

What do you find humorous?
Being blocked by a Sars Co-V in 2021. Very old discounted science-fiction. Like a pre-Philip Dick, hilarious and stupid nightmare.

What should we be reading?
Gianna Manzini, Ritratto in Piedi, 1971. Don’t you think it is a very promising title? I feel very empathic with the brilliant style of this eclectic extraordinary writer, ranging from art to fashion to the self biographical portrait of her father of this book. Like Irene Brin she had a more frivolous side and signed as Pamela or Vanessa a great fashion column on Leo Longanesi’s Oggi magazine.

What do you collect?
Contemporary art, hares and rabbits in any material, style and size, objects and gadgets of any kind, then tamagotchis and robots, any kind of artificial intelligence.

The best arthouse film(s)?
Playtime and Mon oncle by Jacques Tati, Flaming Creatures by Jack Smith, Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger, Salomé by Carmelo Bene.

What takes you to cloud 9?
Thinking I will have my persona’s exact hologram living in my stead after I die

Do you have a soundtrack to your life?
The generational soundtrack includes DNA, Lydia Lunch, Arto Lindsay and his songs from the early 80s, I love Pini Pini. The heart side is attached to REM, from songs like Losing my religion or Photograph to masterpiece albums like Murmur. I know it is obvious, maybe uncool, but I love dearly Michael Stipe in music The pilgrimage
Has gained momentum
Take a turn
Take your turn
Take a fortune
Take your fortune!!!

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I have a coffee, espresso of course.

What is the last thing you do at night?
Make sure the TV is on.

Where would you find your doppelgänger?
I dream of meeting an Android looking like me. With a good budget I might try to commission my doppelganger to Boston Dynamics and have my robotic alter ego for sale to order

What is good design?
A structural idea, a visual concept, a certain shape, material color in the environment or over your body you never get tired of. A matter of beauty perfect fit and personal affection.

Where do you find good design?
Any place, I am always full of wonder, excitement and gratitude for my ability to perceive it out of the blue, even in the most unexpected situations.

What does your house smell like?
A green garden for smokers.

What does your house sound like?
A polyphonic green garden.

What is dear to your heart?
Furniture with a story. The memory that objects absorb and return. The house of my parents without my parents in Bologna.

What is a rule that should never be broken?
Respect and consideration of all beings.

What is a rule that should always be broken?
Routine and adjustment.

What is your favorite animal?
Hare, wild rapid invisible in the landscape.

What do you still wish to learn?
How to live and how to fantasize well for more than 90 years. And, of course, how to get invisible.

What is still a mystery?
The Covid-19 vaccine, The next pandemic And, sure!, the Universe.

What is your favorite slogan?
Bigger than life.

What is modern?
Someone or something inspired, innovative and distinguished. A shift in the known. A dream in real life.

Can you recall a dream?
I do not dream at night. But I dream a lot when I am awake and full of ideas. Walking fast and stepping forward.

What is a distraction?
Stumbling on a broken sidewalk.

What should we listen to?
Our insight, our sixth Sense. We all are magic, in ways more potent than we know.