Issue No.002
Uniformity and Belonging

2021, 40 pages
21 x 29,7 cm
Euro 5,00.-
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The first issue follows the theme of the initial inspiration for the second collection - uniformity and the sense of belonging. Uniformity can produce profound effects; we have never felt so individually separate, but at a moment where the next generation is seeking systemic change, there is no better time to examine how uniformities can influence the fabric of society. An essay on Kraftwerk by Michael Bracewell explores how an artist’s uniform is often central to his or her identity; a conversation with Nicolaus Schafhausen responds to the notion of uniformity and how it has shaped his life; and a essay by Adrián Prieto investigates the virtues of social ideals and design processes through the architects Bruno Taut and Alison and Peter Smithson. Marcel Odenbach, Yvonne Quirmbach, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, and Nils Emmerichs reflect on the transcendence of uniformity, while Nicolas Niarchos, Song-I Saba, and Isabel Wilkinson’s anecdotal essays address the hidden closeness of uniforms in all our lives.