Myung-Il Song wearing the Rosa cardigan no.002. She is a store owner living in Vienna, Austria. Her daughter, Song-I Saba wearing the Romy cardigan no.002 lives in London, England.

What flower best represents your mother?
SONG-I SABA: A bright pink peony

What flower best represents your daughter?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Lily of the Valley

What quote from your mother would you embroider onto a pillow?
MYUNG-IL SONG: It’s going to be OKAY.
SONG-I SABA: Are you hungry?

What are you wearing?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Paul Harnden flower print cotton pyjamas.
SONG-I SABA: My white house-Crocs were the best $30 I ever spent.

What do you collect?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Art and fashion by people who inspire me.
SONG-I SABA: Memories and mistakes. I also like miniatures.

What is good design?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Recently I am more excited to learn about pieces like furniture or textiles with no known designer, like a worker suit, carpenter’s pants, or photographer's jacket with three dimensional pockets. Designer Paul Harnden found a unique 18th century Windsor chair, made only once by basket maker, it’s not only beautiful but exceptionally comfortable.
SONG-I SABA: Leorosa is good design.

Where do you find good design?
SONG-I SABA: At my mother’s home.

What do you treasure most in your neighborhood or city?
MYUNG-IL SONG: I love the Lessing statue near my apartment in Vienna.
SONG-I SABA: Hampstead Heath in London is a revelation every time.

What is your perfect meal?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Any meal cooked with love.
SONG-I SABA: One shared with my boyfriend and our friends, and an increasingly rowdy one.

Do you have a soundtrack to your life?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Beethoven's 5th

Who or what is most difficult to find in contemporary culture?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Good manners.
SONG-I SABA: A phone charger at a house party.

What are you working on at the moment?
MYUNG-IL SONG: My book, and dreaming up my next challenge.
SONG-I SABA: On myself... A real fixer upper

Can you recommend an Arthouse film?
MYUNG-IL SONG: 1984 (BBC production, 1954). That story is very contemporary and apt
SONG-I SABA: ‘A Pervert’s Guide to Cinema / Ideology’ directed by Sophie Fiennes

Can you share some habits or rituals?
SONG-I SABA: Coffee and a book in bed first thing.

Who are your ideal guests?
MYUNG-IL SONG: People with a good sense of humour.
SONG-I SABA: Anyone who doesn’t ask you what you “do"

What does your house smell like?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Palisander wood

What does your house sound like?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Church bells
SONG-I SABA: Our neighbour’s questionable taste in music

Can you share with us a fun game?
SONG-I SABA: Does Chatroulette count?

Do you have a mantra during this time?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Do things wholeheartedly, otherwise what’s the point?

Who do you find an iconic person?
SONG-I SABA: Jackie Chan is my icon and hands down the cutest person alive today

What takes you to cloud 9?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Eating fresh, cold watermelon
SONG-I SABA: Fireworks

Where do you imagine you would find your doppelgänger?
SONG-I SABA: Wherever she is, tell her to stay the hell over there

What do you reserve for Sundays?
MYUNG-IL SONG: Staying in bed
SONG-I SABA: Absolutely nothing! I believe in total equality for all days of the week, which is pretty woke of me

What is dear to your heart: person, place or thing?
MYUNG-IL SONG: My daughter
SONG-I SABA: Revenge