Alma Zevi wearing the Polly cardigan no.002. She is a gallerist living in Venice, Italy.

What do you treasure most in your neighborhood or city?
Here in the mountains in Celerina, where I am isolating, it is a river that I try to jump into as often as possible. When in Venice it is Paolin, the coffee shop in Campo Santo Stefano perfectly situated between my house and my gallery - always the meeting place with friends.

Can you share some daily habits or rituals?
Every day I play with my son, annoy my husband, check in with my artists, video call with my gallery team (now spread out in 3 countries), and try to stay sane.

What is good design?
Charlap Hyman and Herrero. Everything they do (from buildings, to fabrics, to furniture) is exquisite, humorous and clever. We did a project together last year in Venice which was incredible - I am so lucky to work with them.

Where do you find good design?
Flea markets in Venice, Artek 2nd Cycle in Helsinki, Six Gallery in Milan.

What should we be reading?
I have just ordered ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernardine Evaristo. It should be a nice antidote to the Paddington Bear books I read incessantly to my son.

What does your house smell like?
Mountain flowers that we are not meant to pick.

What does progression mean to you?
Hopefully it could go hand in hand with learning from history?

Do you have a mantra during this time?
One day at a time.

What is a rule that should never be broken?
Mixing fish and cheese.

What is a rule that should always be broken?
Mixing things up - I love living with art and furniture from different periods and styles.

What is your perfect meal?
Harry’s Bar in Venice. Or meals cooked by artists - they usually make excellent chefs, and if not at least you know the company will be interesting!

What is your favorite word in any language?
Right now the word that sums up my mood is - "basta” - enough!

Who or what is most difficult to find in contemporary culture?
Quiet and focus. Isolation makes a space for these things.

Who or what do you find most exciting in contemporary culture?
The accessibility and democratisation it has allowed.

What do you collect?
I’ve collected contemporary art for the past ten years. It’s been fascinating watching the careers of artists flourish and evolve. I suppose I am working on two collections - one of the artists that I represent, and the other of artists who I just love!

The best arthouse film?
Bagdad Cafe directed by Percy Adlon; and Pane e Tulipani directed by Silvio Soldini and starring the unforgettable Bruno Ganz.

What was your last download?
I just downloaded Skype which was quite a blast from the past! It was to interview an artist who doesn’t have a cell phone and refuses to use zoom.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on forthcoming exhibitions for my Venice gallery by Katy Stubbs, Not Vital, Studio Mumbai and Luisa Lambri. Also a publication on Not Vital which will span 50 years of his work.

Any last words?
A mantra of the late, great Swiss artist Heidi Bucher (1926-1993), Räume sind Hüllen, sind Häute (Spaces are shells, are skins). This seems so fitting to what the world is going through. Her work is all about the connections between memory and spaces, whether physical or conceptual. It is an honour to represent the Heidi Bucher Estate and to have held exhibitions of her powerful and moving work.