ALEXANDRA GORDIENKO is wearing the Romy No. 009. She is a photographer and editor-in-chief of MARFA living in London.

What should we be reading?
Barbra Streisand’s autobiography

What do you collect?

What takes you to cloud 9?
The opening song from Woody Allen’s 1996 musical, Everybody Says I Love You

Where would you find your doppelgänger?
Eating ice cream

Where do you find good design?

What is dear to your heart?
My oldest friend Katya

What did you have for breakfast?
Potato rosti

What is your favorite word in any language?

What is most difficult to find in contemporary culture?
Office romance

What thoughts currently occupy you?
A large box of champagne truffles

What do you still wish to learn?
How to drive

What is still a mystery?
Hotel bed linen corners

What is your favorite representation of simplicity/complexity?
Rubik's cube

Where is happiness found?

What do you see outside your window?
Big Ben

What makes you feel nostalgic?
Almost everything

What is your favorite slogan?
Business and pleasure

What is modern?
Modern Love by Constance DeJong

Can you recall a dream?
Every Thursday at 10am

What do you look forward to?
Watching Columbo

What is a distraction?
Having a dog

What should we listen to?
This Jungian Life

What is the best cult classic?

Any last words?
Did you eat something? No I’m going to the opera